​​Pediatric chiropractic

Healthy ​Infants Right From the Start

We support kids through all stages of life, including their time in the womb, but many parents don’t know how beneficial chiropractic is immediately out of the womb. During labor, babies make their journey through the birth canal and experience a lot of pushing, tugging, and movement; all of which can be traumatic no matter how smooth the birth. That trauma can cause the spine to misalign, and your baby then experiences what’s called subluxation.

Chiropractic is a safe, gentle way to clear all the negative effects that subluxation has on the nervous system. Simply, chiropractic helps start your newborn off with as optimal a nervous system as possible.

Healthy Kids ​For Years To Come

After the newborn stage, we continue to see a lot of the same kids. Why? In the first year of life, the spine doubles in length. That’s a huge growing accomplishment but it comes with learning to crawl, walk, and run, which inevitably results in falls and many different micro traumas. These cause small attacks on the nervous system, which can add up over time.

Parents choose to take advantage of chiropractic for their toddlers and young ones to stay ahead of the nervous system damage that can occur.

​Your Specific Concerns

For every parent pursuing overall wellness for their growing child, there is a parent seeking support for specific concerns. Some of these include:

  • ​Colic
  • ​Reflux
  • ​Ear infections
  • ​​Torticollis
  • ​Sleep struggles
  • ​Constipation
  • ​Fevers
  • ​Bedwetting
  • ​Emotional outburst/tantrums
  • ​Noticeable stress and/or anxiety
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